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1. Model: JY-165
2. Type: Travel charger with 4 USB
3. Material: PC
4. Input: 100-250V, 6A Max. Load 6A (fuse)
5. USB output: 5V DC, 3500mA Max
7. Receptacles for: USA/Japan, UK, Australia/China, Europe
8. Retractable plugs: USA, UK, Australia/China, Europe
9. Certification: CE,FCC,ROHS Approved
10. Color: Black
11. Size: Approx.64x73x74mm
12. Weight: 151g
1. 8 Holes socket for more than 150 countries use.
2. For USA, Japan, UK, Euro, Germany, Australia, India and more.
3. The adapter is designed with a special safety shutter, to provide extra protection for the user, at the same time being child-safe.
4. Can be used on high power electrical appliances.(110~240V)
5. Short circuit prevention.
Caution: This charger does NOT CONVERT electrical output current and voltage.

Packaged included:
1x Universal International Plug Adapter
1x User Manual

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